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So, today was supposed to be the last day of school for Hayden and Joe.

Around 10 last night the rain came, and it wasn’t a light refreshing shower; it was hard rain.

Around 11 the thunder and lightning got close to the house.  I woke up around midnight, and I felt the BOOM! in my stomach, as the house shook.

"Boy, it’s scary outside." I said to Roy as I crawled back in to bed.

"It sure is." He told me and reach out to stroke my back.  The storm continued, but I was just too tired, and I fell back into a deep sleep.

Until 5:30 this morning, when our phone rang.  Roy answered and put it on speaker.

"School has been canceled due to flooding.  There will be no makeup day."

So, they’re done!

Hayden has some things for his teachers, and he can bring them in tomorrow.  We can also get his report card.

Joe can get anything out of his locker, though he says it is already empty - obviously this explains why his backpack was 250 pounds every day.

So, what a start to summer vacation!

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