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Anna Maria Chavez is the current CEO of Girl Scouts of the USA.  

15) Get Them Involved in Community Service

good advice, but I don’t like the idea of kids faking their way through something to simply pad their college applications.  I saw a lot of this when I was in high school.  The ‘over-acheivers’ (my mom’s moniker for them, not mine) would volunteer at soup kitchens, pet shelters, homeless shelters, etc so that they had something extra for their college applications.  And that’s fine, but they would then turn around the ridicule the people that were seeking help from these organizations.

If you were nasty at school, is it really that far off the mark to think that they people you were supposed to be helping couldn’t sense your disdain?  And to make it worse, don’t you think many of them already had enough to deal with?

I want my kids to help others, but I want them to do it from the heart, NOT because they want to look good to someone else.  Corey will give a dollar here and there to help charity, Hayden puts his change in the Salvation Army pots around the holidays.  They might help kids at school struggling in a certain subject.  

I don’t want to force them to help others, rather I think trying to set an example is a better way to go about this.  Let them see Roy and I helping out a neighbor, or donating our time and money.  They will grow up seeing that helping others should come from an honest place, rather than the desire to make someone THINK you are doing a good deed.

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